First experience doing pole work

Hey all, I played around today for the first time with my squeegee and my pole and it didn’t go that well. I read a lot on these forums and I watched a lot of videos but it didn’t work out so well. I left a lot of spots and streaks and it was definitely harder than it looked. How long did it take you to become proficient with it? And is there a better way to learn or just keep polling windows at my house over and over again?


Find a wide window and just practice


Take your kit to an empty storefront every day for an hour of practice until you’re at least able to get the window acceptably clean in a reliable fashion. Then start selling so you can get paid to practice more.


Yes like other have said find an empty storefront or large piece of glass and practice, it will get easier more you do it.

The pole needs to become your best friend. You guys need to hang out all the time. It will save you so much hassle once you guys get along.


took me 3years to get very good and confident even now all 1st cleans are still done on the ladder . thing is its as well to keep using ladders as well as the trad pole ,cos if you only use a pole it will wear your shoulders badly. if you are ladder confident be sure to keep doing it or you might lose the confidence.

im forever reading of water fed pole users who have messed up their shoulders and their business is in a real mess,as theyve no longer any ladder confidence to fall back on


I don’t think it went well at first for anyone on this forum. Keep practicing … big windows not small


Try practicing on panes that have a variety of frames and seals.

When I bought the office cleaning business I wanted to branch out into residential and commercial WC. I quickly learned that my previous WC experience that was limited to several very well maintained commercial buildings did not prepare me for the variety of residential and commercial frames and seals. The ground’s steep grades and lumpy landscaping was another learning curve.

Yes, I admit to having level grade envy ;(


Pay attention to the angle of the squeegee when you are doing pole-work. The right angle makes all the difference in the world.