First Post and I want the Blue pill

Thanks for letting me in. I have been cleaning glass the old fashioned way for 25 years. I mainly do houses. My customers range from lifestyles of the rich and famous to the widow with her last mite. I want the whole thing…WFP system. Tell me what to get. I see the IPC hydro-tube is popular. The water where I am is low TDS(Eugene, Oregon). I don’t want to spend a lot of cash. I just want to make a lot of cash…Fire away!
Go Easy
Mark Bassett
Pane-Less Window Cleaning

Hey Marko-

Nice to see someone from my home town! How long have you been cleaning windows in Eugene? I did not clean windows when I was in Oregon. Is there a market for it in Eugene? Maybe I will come join you!:cool:


You may want to give our pure water manual a read.

WCR Pure Water Manual

Welcome, Marko. Do what Chris suggested.
If your TDS is low (how low?) you may be fine with a di/carbon/sediment set up.

Business is good here if you are established otherwise winters can be very long without work for houses.
Go Ducks!