First residential job done, some post questions

Just started out my window cleaning business as an 18 year old in college. I got my first job last week and it went mostly well. Was supposed to be a $250 job but since it was my first sale I was easily negotiated down to $150. I am using basic traditional tools, no ladder, just an extension pole. My 2 main concerns was with screens and second stories.


  1. What do you do when you cannot get screens off from exterior? Do you ask the homeowner to come out do or it from inside? I had to do this and it felt unprofessional but there was no way to remove them from the outside.
  2. Do you clean screens everytime?
  3. If I dont have a ladder, would I have to ask the homeowner to remove screens on the second story of the house?

Second Stories

  1. I do not have a ladder yet, I just have a 14ft extension pole which I have not tested on 2nd story homes yet. Do you think I would be able to reach and effectively clean from the ground with this pole? OR should I seriously look into a ladde


  1. 99% of the time I remove the screens from the inside unless it’s ground level and easy to remove.
  2. Not all the time. Some customers don’t want or need them cleaned, those that do I charge extra.
  3. Kind of confused on this, is this for outside only jobs? For in & out I remove and reinstall the screens. For outside only you can tell them to take care of that or you can do that for an additional cost.

Some windows tilt in like double hungs, casements crank out, usually for those you can clean from the inside but some don’t so you’d need a wfp or ladder. Pole work can probably work on casements (if you know what you’re doing) but you’re better off getting a ladder or wfp.

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Get a ladder… 2nd story pole work takes time to do do well…Some screens can only be removed from inside, you will learn over time…Just tell the customer " I need to come in to remove the screens"…screens get cleaned every time…do not ask customer to remove screens. A couple of my customers do take them out and clean them and put them back because they want to, I’m good with that.
Let this be the last time you take a $100 pay cut ( I know it won’t be lol )

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Start thinking of yourself as a company. “I’m sorry, the company minimum is this.” Or “this service includes inside and out, wiping sills, removing cobwebs, and washing screens.”

  1. Don’t negotiate your price
  2. Don’t negotiate your service

Do what you say you’ll do for the price you’ll do it for. This does not include “while you’re up there.”

Some screens come out from the inside. If you’re doing outside only by customer request, you can ask them to remove the screens, but if you’re doing inside and out, don’t bother the customer.

If screen cleaning is part of your standard service, then yes. If it’s an additional service, then it’s up to the customer.

For residential you’ll need a ladder or only quote single story homes until you get one. Pole work can be done on residential, but using a pole takes a LOT of practice unless you’re using WFP and then it only takes quite a bit of practice.

A lot of windows can be tilted in or removed so you can get a lot of second story windows from the inside, but I wouldn’t recommend doing that starting out. Depending on your area, you might be able to get away with a 14 Little Giant, but the 22 will definitely get you there.