First Time Nerves

So after a month of ordering equipment and making sure I have everything I need, I am finally able to pick up my business cards which means I can start canvassing and officially starting my business.
With that being said I’ve never canvassed before so I am pretty nervous lol.
I was just hoping anyone can offer some tips to help with my first day canvassing. Thanks!

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Hi, commercial is very hard to get. Take your time while talking with the customers. Sell your service really well. Make sure you explain in detail what you will include with the price of your cleaning. Beaware of the “I have someone that does my windows” you must have a good come back for that line. The line of “The other window cleaner is cheaper” as well. You got this!


I’ve found that selling it as a storefront cleaning sounds like more bang for their buck too. And yes it’s very hard to stay focused but this week I got two call backs from my canvassing from almost a month ago


Look the part, talk the part, act the part.

Try to get in touch with the person in charge. Be confident and matter of factly, (with zero arrogance), and present yourself and your services that you have to offer as if you expect them to have the need for your window cleaning service. Respect that they may be busy so try not to give them too much of a sales spiel.
What you do, how it can benefit them, what you would charge. (Know that before you walk in).

Have fliers or door hangers made up (5,000) and hit the neighborhoods with good prospects. Nice homes with curb appeal. Does it look like they hire lawn care, or sort of like the home owner does his own? You can tell the difference. If they buy services for lawn, pool, home maintenance - you want to be part of that. If the place looks like it is “just lived in” with little care - they likely don’t hire services.

Hit as many homes as possible like this. It is a numbers game. If you encounter a homeowner while spreading your flyers about, engage in conversation of who you are and what you have to offer. Most people are receptive and will give you the time. You can tell if they aren’t interested. Thank them for their time and kindly move on, you have more homes to hit! It’s a numbers game. You will need to do this often.

Also, check with realtors; leave some business cards and explain who you are, what you offer, and would they steer sellers and buyers your way for homes that need windows cleaned before showing, and homes that need cleaned before/after new buyers move in.

Get permission to put some small desktop type flyers in a dispenser at:

  • The check out desk for nail spas (women who frequent these want their windows cleaned).
  • Pampered poodle spa (women who frequent these want their windows cleaned).
  • High end specialty shops (women who frequent these want their windows cleaned).

There is a start. It’s a numbers game. :slight_smile:


Thanks ill make sure I have good responses prepared!

Wow thanks for all the great info! I plan on expanding into residential when I can get truck but ill definitely keep these tips in mind.

You can work out of car or most any vehicle until the truck comes along. Look at some threads that show peoples vehicles.

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Don’t let the rejections get you down. While walking back to my van after a storefront rejection I was called by a lady in the parking lot that saw my magnet sign. Did over $800 on her house (WC, carpets, floor waxing).


I’ll look into it but it will be pretty tough to do residential work in a camaro just cuz I have almost no backseat and rarely any trunk room lol

Exposure! Right place at the right time. People just have to know about you first off.

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Yep, constant exposure pays off. When I answered my phone she said “I’m standing twenty feet behind you.”


Well, I don’t know how tight you are with this car, but you are looking to start a business that means YOU go TO THE CUSTOMER. Put a roof rack on it for ladders and a trailer hitch. Pick up a light trailer and own your destiny, there will be almost nothing you can’t tackle then. Maybe call yourself “The Bandit Window Cleaner”. Burt Reynolds would be proud. :wink:
If not an option sell and get something like a van, truck, station wagon. You could do that inside of a week.

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Yeah I definitely plan on going to the customer; however, if I do something I want to do it the right way so my plan right now is to rack up a nice route and with this route start putting money aside for a truck and the proper tools to really break into the residential side of things. As of now though I can still do one story houses so if I get any calls for residential, trust me I’ll make it work :grin:

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we use a sign in the car and honk at storefront-- the sign says “we are too lazy to get out of the car but would you like your windows washed on a later date, not today” and then we smile through the glass and they sometimes laugh. this just goes to show don’t be too too pro

If they have a line, or a huge crowd, You’ll get your card circular filed. Wait for them to be slow when you walk in. Early morning is really good I find. A lot of managers/owners “open” their store and employees close it. They’ll be in back with the front dark, write your quote on your card, rap on the door FRAME with a key or something to be loud. I’ve had tons of management come to the front door doing that.


whatever area you have got in mind to canvass,think again,you need to find another secondary area to canvass as well . buy a local streetmap and a hi-lighter pen. colour in each area youv canvassed as you go.


I’ve worked from a bicycle so you can definitely do resi work with space left over in a camaro.

I know you want to “do things right” and wait until you’ve got a truck for residential work, but trust me, people don’t care what you drive as long as you are clean, polite, answer your phone/return calls and show up on time.


Man i read the title of this and expected somwthing else!
Anyway dont worry,you ll be fine.We all had the jitters knocking on that first,second and third door.Take rejections like water off a ducks back its never anything personal against you…they re just cheap!!

Good luck.

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Lol that was the intention :wink:

Newbie Here also in the same boat. Even using my 2 door car at the current moment until the business can pay for a truck. I cleaned a restaurant this morning and decided to hit up every store in the shopping center. I walked in said “Hello I just finished Cleaning ABC restaurant and wanted to pop and in and see if you were interested in having your windows cleaned” Variety of answers. But mostly “Its done through corporate” or “thanks ill hold on to your card”. Some of these places desperately needed the cleaning too.

I did have a minor fuck up where i probably could have landed a job on the spot and could have done the cleaning right away. Dropped the card, walked out, lady came out after me asked how much. Told her $20 and she said they would want to do weekly cleanings. Instead of saying “Great, I can do them now if you like” I said “Great, give me a call and we can set something up”. Lesson learned though. Hoping she gives me a call, if not i plan on following up because $20 weekly would be awesome for the current state of my business.