First time user

Greetings! I need to learn what I can about using a wfp. Just getting into the tools with equipment I’ll recieve early next week. First wfp job is Wednesday. Is there a ‘how to’ manual anywhere?


Dang, I did not know that was there. Awesome!

I wish there was a way to rate posts here. That’s great information Matt … Thanks

There is!

Just scroll to the first thread and click “rate thread”

no problem. I’m a knowledge/information junkie so I’ll read everything about anything.

Here’s something I got from a UK forum.Microsoft Word - howtowfptechniques.pdf (204 KB)

Good info guys. You cant cut corners with wfp systems.

Have read the stuff of wcr. The UK stuff is printing as I type.

Thnx Folks


That link is dead…is it anywhere else that it is located?