First True New Work Vehicle

Guys need some help! Seen many examples but what are the top 5 most important things you believe I need first and foremost for my vehicle set up?

From what I’ve seen and experienced myself everyone likes doing things a little different with their vehicles, storage, organisation, easy accessibility are all good things to have I think but it’s up to you how you want to do that, shelving or drawers can come in handy for storing towels, bottles etc, somewhere to put a ladder/ladders - I’ve seen people store them on the floor with a wooden base over them and slide them in and out, or on the roof inside doing the same method, or a roof rack, find what works for you. Graphics, even basic ones are great to have I think, something as simple as your logo, name and number in large print is better than nothing at all starting out.

Something like my expert and beautifully designed CAD drawing of your van could work nicely, built out of plywood, easy to DIY and modify along the way.



Wow! Thank u so much. This was very helpful. Perfect template to start with.

I love this van!!! Took one out for a test drive yesterday.

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Couple thoughts. I really like that style of van. My competition has an older one, 5 foot DI tank stands nicely in it. I don’t like all the glass, around here people bash in glass and take your stuff. Comps. is all panels. And…yikes those little fellas are expensive. I can touch a full size panel van here with 25-40K miles for about 25K. Guess I’ll stick to truck with topper for now, but can’t stand a RO/DI up in it. Congrats. Have fun with Mods…make it Yours.

I would suggest getting a dash camera. I have them in all my vehicles now.

Sometime last year my employee bumped into the back of a car at a stop light. There was absolutely no damage. Not even a scratch. I came to the scene and saw with my own eyes, but the guy was claiming all sorts of damage and injury. He said his frame was bent and his back and neck hurt. I totally believe my employee that he barely tapped him. I think the guy saw dollar signs when he saw it was a company vehicle.

We are rapidly becoming s society that does need to add levels of protections for ourselves and employees.

Unfortunate for sure.


After lifting ladders for years, I like to have a vehicle a bit lower to the ground. You may want to consider something like a Sienna.