First Week Review

First week going hard. Nothing. Really. Got business cards for about 70. They are terrible…great artist tried to second guess me. They looked great on computer screen for approval. Real life…after printing…the background with fancy art work is so dark you can’t read card unless you’re in bright daylight. The blue font I asked for is so light the dark background drowns it out. Waited two weeks for this junk to pass out. I think I’ll pass it out to the trash can and go to an office store and print out my homemade simple layout…which is all I wanted in the first place. Oh… and it has rained for 6 days straight. Yup…so glad I started my LUCRATIVE window cleaning venture. But…this community has let me study…study…study, and you folks are awesome.


Vista print is pretty cost effective and they put out good quality.

Weather happens and there nothing we can do about it…Lol

What kinda business are you looking for residential or storefront or commercial, there is always something you can be doing to make your business grow, even during bad weather…

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I just had a bad print off on 60 shirts. Tried switching to new closer print shop for uniforms. Still waiting for the next proof on a shirtbso they don’t screw 60 more.

Quality in any industry is what separates each from their competition.


From Vista print?

I was referring to their business cards.

Shirts, hoodies I always go local.

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No. From my local shop, just relating to the error


If it’s been raining for the last 5 days. You can go graft 5 days worth of jobs lined up. Easier said that done though. Pick yourself up, it’s hard at first. So many times you want to give up.