First WFP/DI tank, a few questions?

Hey guys, I have my first WFP job tomorrow and had a few questions about the DI water in general?

First, for those of you who use backpacks and/or portable tanks, do you just pump in DI water into your jug of choice? Is there more to it?

Being a carpet cleaner at heart, I have a ton of backpack sprayers, electric sprayers, etc… laying around that I could experiment with.

Speaking of carpet cleaning, could I pump DI water into my fresh tank for carpet cleaning and use it to clean with as well? Have any of you ever heard of a carpet cleaner using DI water to clean carpet?

Sorry for all the newb questions. Thanks in advance for the help!

… That’s about it. Put DI water in the backpack and git 'er done. Assuming of course you’ve got all the fittings to attach pole hose.
I used to clean carpets and have heard of guys using pure water, usually RO, in the tank.
I think it would work great. Depending on your TDS though, if it is higher than 150 you might be better
off with RO since your pushing a lot of water cleaning carpets.

Thanks for the quick reply Matthew.

For carpet, I was thinking of just filling up my fresh tank with DI water and using it to supply the machine.

Lastly, I’m pretty sure I could just use DI water to make my 5 gallon stock solution for traditional window cleaning right? Good idea? Waste if time?

I use it for everything. When running my water I save what is made until I get to 0 or 1 ppm. Then I jug my window water. Save that water for floors, general cleaning, etc… Clean tanks good and flush out with pure water.
Pretty much pour it in and go. Clean jug of your choice. I get free 5 gal jugs, usual veg oil jugs from donut shops and Little Cesars. Clean out good and light weight so can squish when empty to save space.
Have I ever heard of a carpet cleaner using it? No. They use tap and since around here they don’t even have vacuums so if cannot afford a $40 vacuum I don’t believe they would use good water. You have it to use, why not.

Exactly my thoughts! If I’m paying for the rental and refilling, I might as well use the stuff up!

Thanks for the tips, I will go and get some new jugs tmw.

I wouldn’t use DI water for traditional solution. Why use water you had to pay for when your customer’s tap water will accomplish the same result? It’s redundant.

Forgot to mention> Yes great for the machines especially if you have heated hater. Think irons, tea kettles, coffee pots. This should help reduce build up on your machine components and prolong life of your systems. I use distilled water in them since most heat water and really keeps them squirting and sucking good. Don’t have to decalcify at all now.

Yup. Seams like I had to descale all of my trucmounts a lot.

Once I get passed the job, I will fill up my fresh water tanks and a few jugs to see if I can notice a difference? Thanks for the tips guys!