Fish WC Non-Compete Agreement

Anyone have a copy of one? I signed one when I started and am transitioning into a new job (in a different field), but would still like to clean residences on my own on weekends after the transition. I have done extensive research on the subject of non-competes, but I want to get a look at exactly what I signed. I don’t want to step on my boss’s toes, but I do need the extra work. If anyone can provide me with a copy of one, I’d be grateful!

As an employee you should be entitled to have a copy of anything in your personnel file.

I bet that’s gonna be tough to track down, without asking your boss for a copy of the one you signed. But I could be wrong. I know there are more than a couple ex-FiSH employees here on the forum.

It’s good of you to not want to step on your boss’ toes. He did provide you with employment, after all. But here’s my take on the non-compete: It’s a worthless piece of paper. Nearly un-enforceable in most states, and an unreasonable agreement in most cases. A business owner can’t protect themselves from other competitors opening up shop in their town, why should they try to prevent former employees? Just don’t be a jerk or be sneaky in the way you go about it. In other words, don’t go after his customers with a view to winning them over. Don’t use any proprietary information he may have shared with you in order to further your business. Apart from some technical skills you learned, it should be as if you never worked for him. Just a guy looking to make a living.

But if you are going to be doing this as just a part time gig, your boss really shouldn’t feel threatened. If he seems like a reasonable guy, I would just be up-front with him about your plans. Let him know that you’re not planning on stealing customers, or doing any shady stuff. Just looking to supplement your income with a skill you now have.

PS- if he’s like most FiSH franchisees, you should forget anything he may have shared with you about pricing. You’re better off doing your research here, and developing your own pricing structure.


Yea as mentioned if you call him up or email him and ask for it, he most likely will have it on file to send you a copy. Either way I wouldn’t worry to much about it.

A non compete is not the worth the paper it’s written on

Non compete agreement?! They’re gonna fillet you!

Also I believe you are entitled to anything that you signed as a matter of your own records. Also as Alex stated if you do your own thing with learned skills and take “business practices considered proprietary” then your part time gig would not be the same as “compete.”

Non competes are very hard to enforce

To me it’s a moral issue more than anything. You said you would not compete for a period of time and you gave your word.

I suggest that you take a look at the document and then talk with your old boss and see if he will “allow” you to break that agreement. If not then ride out the contract and then get your own weekend clients

If you ignore $3 store fronts and charge twice what he does for residential, then you aren’t really competing.

I agree with a lot said here my only input is that they typically have a distance or radius, and a time frame component to them. You need to find that out. I would talk tou your boss and get a copy.