Flat rate pricing

Anyone do flat rate pricing? I just ran across a local guy who does. With all the different style homes around here, I couldn’t imagine doing this. It would sure cut back on estimates, though.

If you do, how long have you been doing it, and how well does it work for you?

There are way too many variables for me to consider it. But I would love to hear feedback from others

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Looks like it’s not truly flat rate with all the stipulations

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French panes and storms…

Btw, those prices are ridiculously cheap

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Agreed. I need to contact him. I think he’s fairly new. One or two years old.

Windows galore inside/out = $299?! I recently did a single story home with 2nd floor master suite, windows galore $600 including quarterly discount. With his pricing I would have worked my ass off for way, way less. No thanks.

This is kind of a “do it yourself groupon” method. In my opinion, for this type of advertising to work properly, you hit townhouses or neighborhoods that are all extremely cookie cutter.

With wc, i just think there are too many variables for flate rate pricing on a broad marketing campaign like eddm or print ads

We do flat rate pricing for house washes; Small, Medium, Large…mostly cause i can get away with checking the house on bing while the customer is on the phone. Also cause our pw is capable of basically washing any 3500 sqft home in less then 2 hrs.

I think i remember seeing an average window count per sqft… like 1 window per 100 sqft or something along those lines…?

So to answer the question, do i do this ? No
Do i think its possible if planned out correctly? Yes
Might I try it now that ive thought about it for more then 5 min? More then likely

Looks like a [MENTION=112]panelessperfection[/MENTION] Kevin design. Or at least a very well done page “inspired” by some of Kevin’s work.

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I’ve been pricing this way for the last three years or so (attended Squeegeenomics with Kevin Dubrosky). I’ve tweaked my numbers several times to get where I am. I have found that the ‘one window per one hundred square feet’ rule to be pretty accurate for the Phoenix area for tract homes. However, semi-custom and custom homes are a whole different story. The way that I have handled this is with my ‘extra large house’ category. Most custom homes around here are over 4500 sf and I like to do an in person bid on those. As I have become a better window cleaner with better tools I am able to be at an hourly rate that I am happy with about 85% of the time using my flat rate system.
You can see my flat rate page at

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Nice page setup Brad…
That’s a very strong Satisfaction Guarantee “200%” have you had to make the equal donation yet and if so to what charity?

Thanks wcs.
No one has requested to take me up on my guarantee yet. I will definitely stand behind it, but first I will work VERY hard to fix whatever the problem may be. Basically, I’m betting on people treating me well if I’m treating them well. So far that has been the case.

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Yep, same here.

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$299 for a 4,500 sqft home with crazy windows?

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We tested flat rate in one mailing route two years ago and our return was significantly higher than anything else (don’t have the numbers in front of me).

Last year we rolled it out city wide. Our stipulations:

  1. Homes built since 1970. Those old homes built before a/c have so many windows!
  2. No storms.
  3. No true-divides.
  4. Walk out basements bump you up to the next price.

If it’s over 3000 sq ft we do a custom bid.

It’s worked out great for us. Increased profitability, huge time savings, and a reduction in any sort of “haggling”. The price is what it is. What I tell people is 90% of out customers fit our pricing chart. Those are the only neighborhoods we advertise in. All of the conditions listed above are to protects us from the referrals that come in from outside of our target areas.

Of course, I always offer an on site estimate if they prefer. Only a couple ppl want that.

Another huge benefit for us: almost all of the phone calls are people that are pre-qualified. They know our price and they’re ready to schedule. Even the people whose homes don’t fit those criteria have kind of a base idea to go off of. It’s a start for them.

Now, we aren’t as big as some of you guys, and our market is quite a bit different (from what I’ve gathered), but I can say it has worked great for us. And, of course, soft washing is even easier to add In this way.

Flat rates have bought me more time from bidding and kept my schedule more
Full of what is really profitable.

If I could add one thing to really kaizen the whole process, it would be a responsibid spot on our website for custom home owners to use.

We’re working on refining our website (because it could really use some improvement), but it’s a work in process. Hard to keep up with everything, you know?

My advice: try it. Maybe pick one or two newer mailing route areas where you know what to expect, bump your price up a tad, and send out a card. Track it and see what happens.

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I like how in the ad, the company advertises against the other “bad companies” estimates, that they offer a “simpler, easier, no estimate system”.
But the background image is a home with a buck load of frenchies, which according to the ad… Requires them to do an in person estimate.

I think flat rate leaves too much $$ and too many variables on the table. The only pro I can think of is that someone can look at the ad and be “sold” quickly.

Personally I’ll stick with a per window price.

That is my brother in law. He has cleaned windows for around 10 years.

Flat at rate pricing works but every customer that calls understands that there are always exceptions. It’s simply a guide for the customer.

Glad I didn’t say anything bad.

Jared, do you use flat rate? With all the different style homes in and around Tulsa, I can’t imagine it working. For me, anyways.

Haha what I have learned about observing Tulsa is that there is enoug work for everybody :slight_smile: Just please take Landers out :slight_smile:

I use responsibid and that is basically flat rate pricing because no one wants to do a exact quote. No matter what you do John you will make what you need too. It’s really preference IMO and there are exceptions but just make sure the exceptions are listed.

Ha! Don’t get me started on Landers. How long has your brother in law been in Tulsa? There’s been plenty of times where I wish I had a few guys around here. I’ve finally met two (kinda), but I wouldn’t mind hooking up with your brother in law. Is he usually accepting to competitors calls? Is he on this board?