Hey everyone, I have a question for you. I’m putting together a flat rate flier (20 windows for x amount of dollars). The average price per pane in my market ranges from 1.75 - 2.75 per pane side. The average home has 23-25 windows. I’m new to window cleaning and am more concerned with getting good results than speeding through the job…AKA pretty slow but am looking ahead to faster days. Anyways, I’ve read on this forum about the 20 windows for 199.00 and I thought about running that promotional with that price. This would equal 2.25 per pane side + .95 cents per screen (based off a double hung). Considering I’m slower at cleaning, would you consider it safe to run the promotional for 20 windows for 225.00? This would equal about 2.56 per pane side and 1.00 dollar for screen cleaning. This package would include tracks brushed, vacuumed and sill wiped out. I’m torn between 199 and 225. In your opinion, would more people bite on 199 compared to 225? If I go with the 225 price, I’ll average about 4 dollars more per man hour, but next year the price per man hour would increase as speed increases.

Thanks for your input

go for it

Depending on your delivery method you can do one half of the neighborhood at one rate and the other at the other rate. See which gets more attention and go from there. Or just charge the higher rate and throw in something for “free”. That something of course is what the higher priced package already includes.

I say go for it. Don’t worry what the average in your area is. You don’t want to be average anyway. I have don similar fliers and mailings with very similar numbers and had great success. Do it and see how it goes. You can always lower if it doesn’t work out well, but it’s harder to raise them if you find your prices are too low.