Anyone see these before? Could be an add on to do installs, but would probably halt seasonal gutter cleaning work.


that’s a cool idea. i wonder how hard they are to flip when they are packed with wet sloppy leaves.

It appears top have a hinged system running the length, so may not be too bad.

I see the future of the hinges breaking, then ya have a full gutter coming down on people…it may take 5 or 10 years who know maybe even one, anytime ya have moving parts eventually ones gonna fail, not to mention what if the edge of the shingles bend over or leaves & sticks fall under, its going to prevent the gutter going back

can’t initially see it working with corners

Interesting in theory. But I immediately thought when the older fella flipped the 2nd floor gutter that when very full, a bunch of junk would go onto the smaller roof below. Not a problem for us, but maybe one for the HO.

Very intriguing idea!

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So, grandpa gets it in the face with a gutter full of water, leaves and dirt!

I bet the 1st ice dam breaks a hinge.

Agreed. It’s probably a case of when it’s good it’s great. When it’s bad, it’s HORRIBLE!

usually most inventions are created by working people who are in the field “doing” and realize that there has got to be an easier way. I think the person that invented this was a homeowner that was a do-it-yourself guy that got up on his roof 3 times a year in southern california where it doesnt snow or hardly rain. with his tunnel vision he created a gutter that works perfectly for him and his neighbors.

unfortunately for the rest of the world that gutter system is ridiculous.

I just do not see it, a full gutter 20-30 ft long is ALOT of weight, if you were to pull on one side the other side isn’t going to go easily causing a hella twist in the gutter, when and if it does flip it’s going to flip with so much force, it will have tons of tension built in it

My POINTS of CONCERN! two cents

  1. When they are showing 'em being flipped, there all straight runs.
  2. If the debris is wet inside when you flip 'em you’ll have all that large clumped up mud scattered everywhere that has to still be picked up.
  3. Chances are you still may even have to rise out the insides anyway
  4. The elbows, curvatures and downspouts need to be completely flushed regardless IMO.
  5. Wind rated? Very doubtful they are even hurricane resistant, don’t think mounting brackets would last long with 75- 100 mph winds.

I called to inquire cost of product, no answer.

And as James (IGS) stated regarding the future of it’s hinges, I found FAQ’s this in their warranty.

About twisting comment, I think that’s the reason they show the HM OWNR pulling it from mid-center

[B][B]Q: What is your system made of?

[/B] [/B]A: The gutters are made of heavy-gauge seamless aluminum, which is rolled out to fit the dimensions of your home.
The hinges are made of extremely strong, thick tempered aluminum with a stainless steel pivot pin.
These metals are entirely rust proof.

FAQ’s: How often should I flip my gutters?[/B] A: During the spring and fall when there is more pollen and leaves falling you should flip them often, at least once every other week to keep them empty and flowing freely. After all, it only takes 5 minutes to know they are clean! The cleaner you keep them, the better all gutters work during heavy downpours. This is the only system on the market that lets you see they are clean and working without getting on a ladder.


Q: How do the gutters perform in snowstorms?[/B] A: Flip clean Gutter Hinges are very strong and will support the static weight of snow and ice. However, it is not advisable to attempt to empty solid ice out of the gutters. You can dump fresh snow out of your gutters before it freezes. Some customers prefer leaving their gutters flipped down during a snowstorm to prevent ice from accumulating in the first place (thus avoiding ice dams). Once the storm is over and the snow on the roof begins to melt, the empty gutters can be uprighted to catch the runoff.


Q: What does the system cost?[/B] A: The Flipclean Gutter System is very competitively priced. It will add value to your home with its ease of maintenance for years to come. All no obligation estimates are free. Call for more information (804) 233 - 4845, you will be glad you did!


Q: Is your system guaranteed?[/B] Yes, all Flipclean Gutter Hinges carry a lifetime warranty.

Personally, I’m not so sure I would push this product on any customers. Although I like his idea, a great concept towards cleaning gutters.
I would need to do much more research into it, as in actually field-testing of the product system it’s self.

Begin that the company’s based in Richmond, VA how far do you think they travel for their installs out side their own State?

I liked the woman in the video :cool: