Flipped trailer over, how strong is the tucker fill n go?!

the wheel on my trailer snapped off the axel. I was making a routine turn I make everyday. I saw the wheel shoot out from the rear view mirror then the trailer flip. Instead of braking, I floored the gas pedal. This allowed the trailer to fully flip back upright. The bolt that is under the locking lever (tightens up around the hitch ball) had loosened up, allowing the trailer to jerk free and roll. I didn’t realize this could happen. I do check everything in the truck and trailer daily but never even looked under this lever to check that!

My pw needs work but tallest thing back there was the tucker fill n go and that beast only had a bent reel! It fired back up as soon as I got a new battery (my two came out of the trailer during the roll).

The trailer is now in the dump. The trailer repair shop i took it to discovered the axel and springs had been welded incorrectly and said the way they rigged it that is be chair to buy another. I’m at least the third owner of the trailer, so no one to blame but myself for not knowing better.

Wow, that’s wild! Glad you are ok!

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Glad that you’re alright.

Reminds me of a story a customer at another job told me once. They had a new set of tires put on their car. Driving home one of the tires rolled away ahead their vehicle because the lug nuts weren’t put back on.

@WindowGuysLV Do you have a checklist for your daily inspections? I’m thinking of creating one so I don’t miss anything.

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it’s a walk around
check tires, lights, connections to trailer, oil (yes, everyday), reset the mileage trip on trip B for daily, Trip A tracks between fill ups, check for new nicks.

My guy! Glad you are ok but shit happens and thank Jesus this prob could have been worse

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