Florida windows

So I just recently visited south Florida and almost every house in the neighborhood had this exact style grids windows. The grids can not be taken out, but if you pull them in the middle you can create space about 1/8 of inch. How do you guys clean them? If traditionally then water from top row can drip even 10 min later onto lower row which to me must be a nightmare. Is WFP the only answer to this type of windows?

Real pain in the ass.
Option 1) Hold detail towel at the bottom of squeegee as you do a side pull to catch dripping water. (Don’t use large amount of solution and may have to clean twice).
Option 2) Sprayway.

There’s a charge for that.

I charge dearly… then kick myself for still not charging more for those.

Ah the fake frenchy , I just come back 10-15 minutes later and touch up .

Thanks Gary. Yeah I thought those must be pain in the ass. Do you have a lot of those in your area?
I was in Fort Lauderdale/ Pompano and almost every house had those.

No, thankfully I don’t run into them often here in St. Petersburg. But enough to know I don’t like doing them! lol

Been using option 2 for a while now. I feel it’s the best way
Sprayway , then squeegee

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