Flyer Idea

Please let me know what you think about this flyer I am thinking about getting printed for residential. What can i do to make it better?:confused:

This isn’t going to be nice, you know!

But here goes:

1.) The font you used for the Headline and name…get a new one. It’s too hard to read. I had to step back away from the computer screen to see what it actually said.

2.) I would get rid of the 10% off for new customers. Try a dollar amount, “$20 off for new customers”.

3.) If thats not you in the picture, then change the pic. I can tell that it is Carolina Clean T-shirt. Get a pic of you or use a generic pic from Microsfot Clip Art.

4.) You need to insert a deadline for the customers to call you by. It greats a sense of fear of loss. They will hurry and call or they miss out.

5.) I would make the flyer a half page size. You can get more for your money that way. And double sided too. Put your incredaibly amazing offer and some other infor on the back.

Good Luck. I hope that you don’t think that I am too rough on you here. You can do a search on here for other flyers and postcards.

[I]too[/I] should be [I]to[/I] in “it’s time to clean your windows”

I agree on the logo font… maybe stretch it out a little, it sorta runs together with the squeegee imho (cool logo though)

the “up to 20 panes” part may confuse some people, since technically a double hung window has 4 panes… but, maybe it won’t.

the satisfaction guaranteed might be better off put in writing rather than the image, i have a feeling that it’s gonna come out super fuzzy

lastly, you might want to try and see what using normal lowercase type looks like; it can be a little easier on the eyes and doesn’t look like you’re shouting

just my $.02, no offense intended.

I second everything mentioned before as well as make the $84 up to 20 windows slanted the opposite way and maybe not as much. Reading the phone # and then the $84 hurt my neck.

Also, it seems like you are having two different specials for the same thing with the $84 upto 20 window panes and then 10% off the prices you have listed. Too many numbers can be confusing.

Keep it comin guys I really need this so that I can learn!! I am already fired up to start editing it to make it better.

With the pic…

I would shoot for a pic where they can see your face.

One that is warm… inviting… and basically says, Here I am. I have nothing to hide. You can entrust me with your most private and valuable possession - your home.

Really… Why focus on price when your prices are VERY low. But hey… if that is all your market is willing to pay… that’s cool.

I would focus on the value… not the price.

More of the reason’s why or the results of… having your windows done by me… not those crackheads with a squeegee and a bucket.

That’s just me though.

Whatever works for ya man.

My last post just made me think of one of my favorite movies.

Boiler Room

“I don’t need your business ma’am. I value it.”

Best freakin’ closing line ever. Also a great mindset for your marketing materials. Which… after all is said and done. Mini sales people that don’t talk.

Awesome movie I must say … to watch before or after Wall Street w/Martin Sheen :slight_smile:

If it costs $4 per window how come is costs $84 for 20 panes?

Doesnt seem to add up unless I’m missing something.

I’d be careful with this flier. The way it’s currently worded you could end up having to do a CCU job with 20 windows for $84.00.

Is that a picture of you cleaning the window? It looks familiar.

This has nothing to do with criticing the flyer so to speak…

But, is that guy in the picture pulling his squeegee at the wrong angle or am I looking at it wrong? Shouldn’t the top of the squeegee be angled forward?

From the top.
1 Loose the BIG logo on the top. it’s very distracting and takes away from your intention of this flier and that is to spark their interest and so you can double back later with another flyer. I would possibly make the logo smaller down below somewhere.
2. “Spring has sprung! It’s time too clean your windows” I would be careful in leading your customers into this notion. Spring time is not the time to clean their windows. Every season is the time to clean their windows. I would change this to “Spring Cleaning Special” or something like that.
3. I agree with all the other comments the pricing is too much very confusing.

good Luck

I am not sure what is more confusing, his pricing…

or that statement.:wink:

poor punctuation will confuse everytime…:wink:

like “I want to kiss her but, she wont let me”

Hey Jacee,
This guy’s forum is dedicated to marketing your window cleaning business. He’s got a lot of free templates for download and a one month free visitors pass. It will make you rethink your entire marketing strategy and vastly improve the quality of the material you’re sending to potential clients.

Are you on Kevin’s payroll?:stuck_out_tongue:
I’m just kidding. Kevin does have some awesome stuff. And a lot of marketing knowledge.

I know that there are many different places on this site where I can look at sample flyers but i was wondering if anyone could post an example of a flyer that is put together correctly? I would like to see it in comparsion to what i had posted…

Thanks JC

You charge $3/per window for outside (not bad)
But how come you only charge $4 in/out? It seems like you are shortchanging yourself, since cleaning the inside windows usually takes longer. Perhaps you can offer in/out for $5 per window?

Just a suggestion.

I would scrap this and start over

i would add a small handwritten greeting on Every flier, the personal touch . then they know that you really do care .Window cleaning is very much about trust .