Flyers for commercial properties and store fronts

Hello all! I am trying to put together a flyer for commercial properties and store fronts in my area and was wondering what kind of flyers you guys use to pass out to these businesses? If you could post something or email me something that I can get a general idea of that would be awesome! I’m just kinda stuck at where to go with this.

Guess no one has commercial flyers…

We are working on one

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I have never tried one for storefront or commercial. My guess is they would get round filed by a secretary or something before a manager or owner ever see’s them. I think face to face is much better. Maybe a letter with a phone or in person follow up would be good, but just a flyer might not get a good response, but I could be wrong…

I have someone working on one for us right now. It’ll be a brochure we use in place of a business card letting them know what we do and why they should choose us.

Yea thats what I’m trying to do as well. Not necessarily a flyer to send them in the mail but more of a handout