Flyers Laws?

I have a bunch of flyers I printed last year but didn’t get around to distributing, so basically now I want to get rid of them. They’re just collecting dust in my garage.

When I first started me and a friend distributed flyers. I drove around and he would put flyers in peoples mailboxes. Someone called the cops on us cause they thought we were stealing from mailboxes, luckily we got out of that with no fines or anything. He would even sit on the door (like roll down the window) to get a better angle. God I was so dumb :roll_eyes:

Now I know / learned it’s illegal to put stuff in people’s mailboxes so I won’t be doing that. Surprisingly the cops didn’t mention anything about it being illegal just wanted to know if we were stealing or not.

Question, for a mailbox like this:


Since I can’t put the flyers inside the mailbox unless I pay postage or do eddm, can I leave it on top of the mailbox like by the red flag?

Or even on the little slot on the bottom?

Or do you guys leave the flyers on their walkway or door?

No, USPS owns the rights to use the mailbox, so can’t even hang something on them (technically).
As long as there isn’t a NO TRESPASSING sign, or NO FLYERS/HANDBILLS sign then you can leave it on or at the door. I use doorhangers that hang off the door knobs. Flyers and doorhangers are not the same as soliciting, (knocking on doors and giving a sales pitch), so if someone threatens you with “solicitation law” you can basically laugh it off and go on your merry way. Leave the flyer and go on to the next without engaging anyone and you are fine. If they want to strike up a conversation about what you are doing then explain your service and let them decide how to proceed. Welcome to America and EDDM.

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I’ve never had issues using the newspaper box down below.

Yes, you can put it underneath the mailbox in that opening. You can also attach flyers to doorknobs.

I love EDDM.

“I love EDDM” (full quote automatically removed)

Yes, mailers means you don’t have to walk. Door hangers mean you can pick and choose which ones to do and not do. :wink:

You also can’t get 20,000 door hangers to hit on the first 60 degree day of the year