Follow up on Exterior Windows Using Unger Speed Clean System on Extension Pole

2 story newer house with set back windows. The set back windows didn’t come as clean using the Unger Speed Clean fluffy & polish pads. The top 2 windows looked pretty good but the bottom sides and corners still had dirt & dust meaning the pads didn’t get into or to the sides and corners. The windows that were flush with exterior of the house these windows looked good, with no missed areas.
My next step is to resize the fluffy & polish pads to fit the pad holder with less overhang / overlap of the pad. Brad BD Janitorial

The Stringray pad is better for corners and sides but can not reach more than 16-18 ft. One new discovery for me is the Stingray glass cleaner is better than pure water and isopropanol mix. You squirt the bottles into a spray bottle and mist the Speed Clean pad. I have requested Unger to start offering it in larger bottles.

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John i seem to get good results with both.

Why do you prefer the stingray glass cleaner over ipa?

That is the same process i use, i have some window that are beyond the stingray reach and the stingray top is kinda bulky it doesnt get in to some tight spots like the speed kit does.

No need @John, 3M already sells it in larger bottles. I buy it all the time by the case. Lots of large facilities maintenance people use it.


Hey Steve how long you been using it? Are you just using it for interior windows and exterior touch up.
Thats what i have been using it for its a huge time saver!

Yeah, I was using aerosol foaming glass cleaner for glass block, some french doors and touch ups. The last foaming aerosol I got was terrible and so I switched a few months ago. A large church that I clean uses the 3m and the maintenance guy is always showing me his latest cleaning products. We use it on the Unger speed pads, for touch ups, on mirrors, and a few other applications. I still like the 50/50 DI water and alcohol for the speed pads though on some applications due to cost.

I get the same results with 50/50 mix or the stingray glass cleaner.

Hmm, the same might be true for me, I just always grab the 50/50 when I think there’s a heavier film on the glass, like a restaurant we do or a motorcycle dealership where they’re always running bikes inside. I have never done a true side by side comparison.

@Steve are you sure it is the exact same chemical?

Hey @John, @Ericehlers gave me a bottle, when I borrowed his stingray. Used it to pre-soak the pad. The glass looks good afterwards. Similar to using the packet of 3M glass cleaner in the stingray.

I’m trying to decide if I should invest in the Stingray.
I already have probably 20+ speed cleaning pads and would keep buying more, depending.

Any further comments/adjustments about the 3M mix vs. pure water and isopropyl?

The stingray is more efficient because of the built-in spray as well as the triangle pads. But you are limited to how high up you can work with it 18 ft max


just saw this. yes the pads do better in the edge if they are even, what i do is align one corner and 2 sides with the edge and let the other 2 sides hang over. works well without cutting or sewing.

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it is also available in the us in concentrate to make 43 gallons for about 45$ usd

So I use the di and alcohol mix and I can’t get consistent results. About how many windows do you clean before you need a new pad, on let’s say a first clean interior. Then do you use the fluffy pad and then the fine pad dry as a follow up always or just as needed. I get ok results to pass but not enough to clean a whole inside and feel good about it. How many pads will you use on let’s say a house with 20 dh windows?

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