For all you one man operations

Since most of the window cleaning businesses on here are 1 or 2 man gigs, I will separate this question for them.

How much do you average nowLetter to Edge of Woods.docx (16 KB)Letter to Edge of Woods.docx (16 KB)Letter to Edge of Woods.docx (16 KB)

Doh, I selected the wrong poll item. Any way to erase your vote?

Let’s just say there should be one more vote to 3-4 grand per month.

I didnt see one for over 10K per month…

For me. I am a 1 man show, but I also clean carpets/ tile, So I avg. around $700 a day, Some days I do more windows than carpet, some days vice/ versa.

Mark you should be able to edit your poll… If you need help let me know…

Lance thats a pretty sweet daily average… congrats on that.

It’s CFP’s poll.

As a voter, there doesn’t seem to be a way to edit your vote. You can edit a post but once you’ve voted, you’re stuck with it. (Need I remind you of Bush! LOL)

Way to kick ass Lance!

no, you don’t :frowning:

I have a preset day scheduled, and try and “find” a way to exceed my expectations… and anymore if I do less than a $500 day, I feel as if I failed somewhere. since I started REALLY cleaning screens 10 years ago, it made for a nice “add-on” a way to really kick those mediocre days into serious money days! ;), a lot of people here seem to have chem for washing sreens that works for them, (more power to them). Bottom line is: Dont give it away!!! Time is $$$ guys. And by the way I love this site, great things to check out, ect. Very Professional! Props to Mods…:wink:

did you ever dial in that green screen cleaner…I’m still waiting:D

I sent u a PM Brennon

this poll are you looking for average across a year? cuz if i take this month, my one man crew may break $15000

wow! Crazy i thought i was doing good by breaking $10,000! Amazing, the amount of money you can make window washing never seems to amaze me.

Crazy was that mostly commercial or residential? I remember you where having problems with low ballers?

most of that possible $15 000 by end of May will be mainly because of a huge commercial job im doing that brings in close to $10 000. the rest is residential, and small storefront. and yes i still deal with lowballers daily.

Hey Lance, What do you use to clean carpets? I thought I would look into it one day until I talked to a Stanley Steemer dude. He told me the van with the equipment itself costs around a 100k, not to mention very very strict red tape and all kinds of other things that made me change my mind pretty quickly.

I messed up on mine also.

I pull in about 8500 per month and i am a one man show, i have no helpers at all