FOR SALE: 2 Stacking Ladders

Hi all,

I’m working my way into another field right now and thus will be selling my equipment.

I will be selling the following:

(1) Metallic Stacking Ladder Kit (24 foot) - $1100 This thing has been essential to my business. It’s gotten me into tight spots and made me feel confident in places I never thought I would (as shown). I will include everything shown in the kit on the WRC website and I will include an extra set of orange feet for the levelers. Everything is in great condition. I replace the rubber pipe coating on the stand-out bars each year due to stucco tearing it apart and it will need to be replaced again or otherwise padded.

(1) Alaco stacking ladder set (3 1/2 piece, ~20 feet) - $800 - This set of Alaco stacking ladders includes an older style leveling foot on one side of the bottom piece. While this set doesn’t reach as high as the other, it is LIGHT. Very handy for moving around on the job.

I live in Reno, NV so meeting up for delivery with someone from California, Oregon or Utah would be relatively easy. For anyone farther than that, I’m happy to discuss shipping options. I will be adding pictures soon. Please feel free to contact me here or directly at or by call/text at 775.230.8034. I’m friendly and won’t bite haha.


I’m also selling my water fed pole system here

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