For sale and auction! WFP's and Supplies!

Hi All,

I am selling off some equipment I no longer need or use. Please take a look at my Ebay listings. I may be adding a couple things this week, so keep checking.

sethfenster | eBay

Got a few items on my watch list. May have to bid…

Starting bid is just under a buck! Somebody is going to get a good deal!

Sniper has something in his scope

Added a new item this afternoon!

Shhh. Don’t tell anyone. I want it cheap.

When you bid things do you can get more money smart guy, but really it’s not a good deal.


Good luck any way for the lucky one

Thanks for your opinion. I start all of my Ebay auctions at 99 cents. The beauty of auctions is the bidder gets to decide if they ae getting a deal or not.

I Now good choise for you good luck in your business and more

2 can play that game lol.


Game on!

Me and my Bid Sniper won the bid for the x-tel Hybrid 31 pole!!
Hopefully this will be better than the Unger Tele Plus pole i have been using for WFP.
Thanks Senthfester!!
Peace Pags