For Sale: Stage 5 RO/DI system from RHG (with poles and brushes)


First, want to say I have been really happy with both the system and RHG as a company. They have been very helpful. I was able to take over a residential route from a guy who moved out of the area, and as a result I have focused a lot less on commercial work than I thought I was going to.

What I have:

Stage 5 Cart (Estimated 50 total hours of use)
28 ft xtel fiberglass pole
17 ft xtel fiberglass pole
4 ft xtel pole

hogs hair brush with pencil jets
synthetic brush with pencil jets
synthetic brush with flat jets

reach around tool

Here is the cool thing about this particular system: I modified the cart to incorporate filling a tank mounted in my van so I don’t always have to hook up to water on site if it isn’t convenient. It is a very easy to use system of quick release connections. The cart can work as a standalone or as a tank filler and then use the included pump to pump from the tank.

I am looking for about $3,500, but I’m definitely willing to talk.

I am located in the Seattle area. Email me at if you are interested. Thanks a lot!

Josh if you sell the machine your going to have to change your company name! : )

I know!

I honestly have gone back and forth on selling it because I really like using it, but I have been doing a lot of smaller jobs that just can’t justify it. I hope someday I can expand and find a need to buy one again…

Many WC’ers use a pure water system and WFP on all residential.

It ain’t just for commercial.

Hold on to it. I may need to rent it out one of these days =)

If you are unable to sell this by the end of the year I’d be interested. Just forked out 5 figures for materials and tools so I need to wait till we sell some of the materials.

Keep it and use it on your residential.
I use mine a lot.

Show us some pics of your cart.



I’ve been interested in making the switch to an RO/DI cart system. I just forked out about $3K for the Gardiner carbon fiber 47’ CLX super max and a Reel Craft hose reel, both with all the bells and whistles. What I’m saying is that I’m in the market for one but can’t afford it yet. I had a very slow unprofitable winter and was living off my visa. Still trying to get our from under all that debt.

Can you post some pics of the system. Everyone enjoys that type of window cleaning porn.

Hey guys, thanks for the interest.

I will be getting some pictures up this Saturday morning when I have a free second.

Hopefully it will help explain how I set up the system to use a static tank if the situation calls for it.

Thanks again.

Josh so did you sell the rhg ro/di after all?

No, I haven’t sold the system yet… I have been having a real hard time with my digital camera/ memory card, so I haven’t been able to get the pics up.

I am going to try to get a new memory card and post some pictures as soon as possible.

You’re going to sell this and then land a job where you need it. Always happens. Keep it.

This is still for sale, I got a job offer that I can’t turn down right now and I am going to be getting out of the business.


Josh, Is your cart still for sale? You can contact me at

Does anybody know how to reach Josh or know if he still has this cart for sale?

I’d start with the information in his signature, then maybe try an email from his profile if it’s different.

I have tried everything in his signature, Oh well!

I have a waterfed pole system for sale. It’s a 5 stage with brand new filters all around. Almost $1000 worth of filters.
It’s mounted on a trailer with 2 reels that enable 2 people to work at the same time of the same machine. First reel has 300 feet and the second has about 150. 35’ Carbon Fiber Gardenier Pole system included, 4 hog head brushes with pencil jets, 2 ten foot poles with tubing, tool box mounted to trailer and 3 garden hoses. System has about 125 hours on it but the filters have less than 3 total. I am moving out of the business and am interested in selling it. I paid about $6000 for it and am asking for $2250 obo. Ask for Richard. 480-466-zeroseventwotwo