For sale: wfp & pure water cart

Hello everyone-
I’m selling my Reach Higher Ground 2 stage DI cart. It’s the first one ever made…you could call it the prototype. It works like a champ. It’s made me lots of money.
I’m also selling my 24 foot Extel hybrid pole.
Also included is a fresh DI cartridge, unopened, new in box.
I’m selling these as a package for $1300. This is $900 off what you’d pay for them new. See pics below.
Contact me if you’re interested. Post any questions you have here in the thread please.

Yeah, I know I posted this already. But, I thought this was a better thread title to draw attention to the sale.

Does it have a pump? What do you imagine shipping from Colorado to Michigan would cost? The $900.00 you would save? :slight_smile:

It does not have a pump. This is a 2 stage DI system, no RO. So, pump is not necessary.

Am not sure how much shipping would be. I’ll check with someone who knows and get back to you. Bear in mind that if you were paying full price for new, you’d also still be paying extra for shipping. So, the savings I mentioned is real.

It would cost approximately $200 to ship.

Someone suggested I should drop the word “prototype” from this posting.

It’s the first one ever made by Reach, so it is in fact the prototype. However, other than the dolly itself…you’ll find the exact same components on Reach’s current line of 2 stage DI carts.

Rest assured, I’m not selling becuase the cart is bad. I’m just selling because I want a RO/DI system.