For Sale: XERO Pro 40' Carbon Fiber System Deluxe

I have a never used XERO Pro WFP system. I purchased this package in March. I put the unit together and ran water through it to test the TDP. I’ve never cleaned a single window with the pole. Right now I am booked with pressure washing jobs and could use the capital for some additional equipment in that area.

I paid $2549 a couple of months ago. I am asking $1900 OBO and would prefer to sell to someone in the local Atlanta area. I could ship, but shipping would be pricey as the whole package is quite bulky. I will take some pictures and update the post this evening.

XERO Pro 40 Foot Carbon Fiber Water Fed Pole Deluxe

  • Xero Pure With Xero Pro 40 Foot Carbon Fiber Water Fed Pole

  • Exceed Uni-Valve:

  • DA Multi Tool/Bronze Wool Pad Holder Kit

  • Premium Telescopic Barb

  • 50’ XERO premium hose

I just bought a zero 32’ Carbon Fiber for 800 new. I can give you 1200 for yours. :wink:

Was that with the pole and the DI system? That’s amazing if it is. The 40’ pole itself goes for $800.

Where did you get it for $800?

Link please

I am in Texas otherwise I would try to make you a offer

What would be your absolute bottom line price? I am in Texas but would be willing to make the drive for the right price you can text or call me at (469) 723-2736

I will buy it, please PM me your contact info

$1600 and it’s yours.

Sorry I can’t PM yet. Anyone interested just send an email to duffy1 at Thanks.

Interested, I sent you an email. If it’s still available please email me back at I am located in the Atlanta area,

Did you sell this set up or is it still available? I’m in Athens, GA.

Hey there. If your in Georgia this system is likely over kill for your needs. Your water quality is so good for window cleaning you can get by with a di tank all day.

I do have mounted 3/4 DI tank in my van and a DIY di tank strapped to a hand truck. The DIY DI tank with the hand truck is heavy and a pain getting in and out of the van. Wanted to try something a little lighter and save some van space. Your thoughts? Do you
all still have the Zero with the free 40’ pole going on?

We don’t have the free 40 deal anymore. We intended on it lasting all month but we sold out super fast.

@Jersey any suggestions on a light set up?

Yeah like Chris said we are out of the free 40 deal, BUT if you are able to rock a DI, you could get a hydropower and micro full carbon fiber pole for $1,002.54! You could bump up to a stage 2 system for $1,277.63. That system has carry handles, baged resin refils, and a built in TDS meter. ~Jersey 862-312-2026