For the gutter cleaners

ha the new Metlife Commercial

I think we all have one of those ‘dad’s accident’ customers.

I have one who’s wife thanks us profusely every time we show up.
I guess he took a [B]nasty[/B] fall… poor guy.

I had a customer last year who’s husband was in the hospital and then in bed for a month from a gutter cleaning mishap. Seems crazy to me for a homeowner to be climbing 24’ and 32’ ladders when they aren’t experienced. Ladder against the gutter, feet on a slope = ladder sliding sideways. I tell people that there’s nothing wrong about being afraid of heights - it’s a very healthy & natural fear.

I want to reassure the self sufficient do-it-yourself types that they aren’t wusses for not climbing up there and cleaning the gutters themselves. I tell them that I used to be afraid of climbing an 8 ft step ladder (totally true) I used to shake like a leaf when I cleaned the gutters 15 feet off the ground on my old house ( I think I almost threw up :)). Now I am comfortable on a 32 footer because I have had 3 years of practice.