For those wanting a basic GPS

Radio Shack has the Mio C220 for $169 bucks. It’s not a bad unit I have one. About 96% accurate and fairly durable.

They also have the Magellan 3100 (my primary unit) for $199, better accuracy and features but I don’t like the screen layout as much.

Thought I’d pass it along…

I’ve been looking into these units and the biggest question I have is how easy is it to update the maps? I know some of them say they can be updated on the internet but how expensive is it?

These two are updateable but the key is when the mfg. makes the update available. The Mio has the map of the US preloaded on a SD card. That would require purchasing a new card when/if available. The Magellan has the maps loaded into the unit memory and will require a software update via a USB connection. Again, when/if available. Usually in the lower price point units, the updates don’t come so quickly.

I went with the Garmin 340. It also has the USB cable and cd rom for upgrades. The best part is going into menu and finding anything close by. especially when you are in unfamiliar territory.