For those who use Yahoo Sitebuilder

V2.6 FINALLY has integrated mobile responsiveness!

I had worried about converting my 3 workhorses into WP and losing the immense SEO juice that I gathered over the past 3 years, but I did a redesign of the site in 960pxW instead of 860pxW, and to my extreme joy, it is mobile responsive now (which means it fits itself to all devices)

If you’re using Yahoo, its going to take a whole lotta cutting, copying and pasting, but it will be worth it in the long run to optimize your site !

I still have a little bit of jumbled code to fix up, but you can peep the results at

On my HTC Sensation it shows as a full site, I have to swipe to the side to see all the text content.


Im messing around with some coding right now so things might have gotten jumbled, can you do me a favor and check it in an hour or so?



Just checked again, it won’t open for me now at all.


Weird, maybe your connection? Its showing up fine on 2 computers (one Mac, one PC), a Galaxy 2, an IPhone, a Android tablet and an IPad here

It connects now, still looks the same though.


Hmm. Oh well, good enough then. I’ve decided not to touch it til January 2015

It still looks good on my phone even as a desktop version.