Ford Transit Connect . Lease or buy?

Looking into getting a Ford Transit Connect, Just now sure whether to lease or buy. Leasing seems really complicated yet I dont think Im ready to cough up the cash for buying outright.

Anyone have experience in this arena?

I lease mine, it’s better come tax time. Cheaper to get in. The value at the end of the lease is guaranteed. If the value is less than they expected you can just walk away. If it’s more than expected you can buy it and sell it, pocket the difference. Got to be careful about the condition. If you bang it up they will charge you to restore it to what they deem acceptable condition. Also never buy extra mileage or any other add on’s. It will all wash out at the end of the lease. It’s a pay now or pay latter deal. I always make a deal when buying another one, they don’t charge me the extras for mileage and dings and I buy a new one. Never had a problem.