Forum member puts me in my place

I received this email from someone on the forum. I guess it puts everything in perspective for me…


i wanted to contact you about the windowcleaneingresource forum. i want to ask you to stop arguing, even if provoked. It is really sad to see 2 of the people i look up to most fighting with each other over nothing.

I do not want you to be offended by this, but i do not really care a lot about the color thing you guys are fighting about. It is really not something i think most of us care about. Your post really did a good job of explaining your point, but really it does not interest me either way. Don’t get me wrong i love your posts. i have learned a lot of things over the past year from you. But your posts sometimes are very technical, going way into the theory. That is cool sometimes but sometimes too deep for me.

i think you Kevin and Chris are the most respected people on the forum. You say that people are taking sides against you. I see only the same couple guys that are always against you. The rest of us really do not care and think both of you are acting childish (at least i do)

You and Kevin bring 2 totally different sides. i get excited and click on anything you 2 post when i see it. You bring that theory side and Kevin shows us some practical stuff we can use right now. i could never choose a side in this, i really like you both. After you beating up CC in another post you came back and won the respect of everyone by apologizing. That is the bravest act i have seen in a forum. It also shows how much people like you by forgiving you. Then i see you had a post about color and i go to find out what it is about only to find you and Kevin fighting.

i believe you and Kevin will be great in what you do. But you both are losing my respect as pros. Please go back to giving great advice and ideas.

Thank you for your marketing manual i have changed a lot of what i do because of it. Also thank you for helping me on my flyer. i hope you are not mad at me but i just hate to see this

That about sums it up Paul,

good on you for posting this, second brave thing I have seen you do as well. Make you point then walk away.

ps. you have a marketing manual? cool