Forum Speed

Has the Forum slowed down for you?

I really want everyone to have the best possible browsing experience. So if things are not performing correctly please let me know.


YES…it has slowed down A lot!!!

I can’t tell.

It is still running the same on my comp @ home and on my blackberry, at the library at my school however it runs really slow lately (it’s not the computer there I don’t think, because other sites I visit are just as quick) I’m not that computer savy so I don’t know what this means, and not sure if this info helps, but thought i’d let you know.

nice avatar Chris, night of the living shred

I haven’t noticed any change.

Seems normal today.

seems normal. Sometimes when a website loads slowly I close explorer and run it in firefox, firefox usually loads websites faster.

I have broadband, so for some who still use dialup, perhaps they noticed a slower speed.