Found this site about Tempered Glass

Take a look at the rollers they are using…they say they cover them with a tape, 2 questions…is this becomming the norm, and with the tape, does this mean that from a manufacturer that uses this product there would no longer be a tin side?
Fab debris can still be present I assume if the tape is dirty…
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All glass manufactured in the US is float, so a tin side will be present.

Tempered glass is first cut to size, then goes through the heat-treating process.

Right, but wouldn’t this special tape keep the glass free of any tin?

The tin side is a result of the manufacturing of the glass, so the tin side is already there before the thermal tempering process with this new tape is done.

Youre right…my bad

This product appears to be used to limit the thermal variations between hot glass and cool rollers. Their trying to limit breakage not FD.

Limiting breakage (in the oven) does influence fabricating debris.

Good point. I wonder if it was a consideration when they first thought of using the product though.