Franchises - How much do they usually cost?

As you know, Paneless and I both have owned franchises (I’m still currently owning one) that are “no money down”.

However, I know many are sold for a dollar amount?

What is the average or standard amount that new window cleaning franchises are sold for?



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At least the vacation has re-energized me. Everyone should take a vacation, no better way to prevent burnout.

Now back to the topic at hand.

How much does franchises sell for?

Mikep, check out a thread in marketing-under to franchise or not to franchise there is some info there… I believe.

I still cant understand any real good reasons a person would want to franchise.

Window Gang Franchise Opportunity: initial investment depends on size of county.

Initial investment start at $65,000 up thru $315,000.

Franchise Fee start at $25,000 up thru $200,000

With a low 6% royalty fee of all weekly gross revenue

initial investment amounts include franchise fee, all of the supplies, equipment, and printed material to start your Window Gang business.

Fish Franchise is similar

WOW, what a deal:eek:

Thanks for looking that up Superior.

The startup costs are very high. And the royalty fee seems very low.

Do they offer any bonuses for growing the franchise? How big a route do you start with?

Mikep, the franchise you are in is way better than the 3 or 4 main franchise here in the states because you got in at 0 down. To franchise here your upside down for a many years just to recover your initial investment.

In your area are most franchise opportunities 0 down?

I don’t know. I haven’t looked around in Canada, besides the two franchises. Mine and Paneless former franchise are both zero down.

Remember, though, this is totally different.

Not a fair or true comparison, since nothing is “owned” vs. Fish or Window Gang where it is.

When a person buys into Fish aren’t they buying a [U]business system[/U]?

If they choose to get out after 5 years I dont think they are able to sell. If they can sell it would have to be back to Fish itself because they regulate the type of people involved.

I am curious how it really plays out.

There must be someone here that knows something in regards to some of this from Fish,Squeege Squad,Window Gang,Window Genie