FrankenStructor Brush

Hopefully the pics speak for themselves. Please feel free to ask any questions about this build. So far, I’m pretty impressed with the results. Huge improvement over the beat up constructor brush I had been using.


After a couple hours of use, it appears to be consuming a little more water than the constructor brush had been (my tank seemed to last forever, before). But this probably means that I’m getting a more effective rinse, and can move a little quicker now.

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What type of brush is that?
Did you cut out the channel for the rinse bar yourself?
Would you say the rinse with this unit is marginally or definitely more effective than center located rinse holes?

It’s the old Dual Trim brush from Reach-iT. It came with the slot molded into the block, for unknown accessories that were never released. I had to cut/drill it out just a little deeper at the mounting points. I also narrowed the mounting tabs a bit with my cutoff saw, so they would fit into the slot. If I was a little more clever, I would have just narrowed the tabs near the top, to make them into a T shape that would slide into the slot.

I cut off the neck with a cutoff wheel, and bolted on the side-2-side attachment with short stainless wood/sheet metal screws.

Flow was kind of weak with all of the jets open, so I heated a knife blade and carefully flattened over every other jet.

The rinse bar is definitely more effective than regular pencil jets, especially on hydrophobic or semi-phobic glass. It even beats out fan jets, due to the increased control over where the spray goes.

I can leave the brush on the glass and just fan (like a wagtail squeegee) my way down the window. I even “dive-bomb” the edges, for glass that is more phobic near the frames


Sweet mod, Alex!

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Very cool! Where’d you find the rinse bar?

Check out this thread:

It’s only like $2!


Thank you!!!

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I just got mine in the mail today! I’m going to add it to all my brushes that don’t have rinse bars now just as an option.

That’s my kind of guy!

So you probably wouldn’t recommend a rinse bar AND center-located pencil jets… ?

I’d recommend having as many jets as your water supply can keep up with. Because I’m using a tank and pump, I have to economize my water usage. But the more flow you have, the faster the crud is off the glass, lol.

I saw a video of someone with a 20" constructor brush with the hydro-blade installed, and all the jets open. He was using 1.7gpm, and was able to clean a large hydrophobic storefront plate in under 15 seconds.

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