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This $10 phone script from our window cleaning business…

Phone Script

We use this to book most all of our jobs over the phone. Simply use offer code phone99 at check out.

With spring upon on us, I thought most would find this usefull…


Thanks Chris!

coupon does not seem to be working for me.

Thank you!

im getting code phone99 is not valid.

Coupon didn’t work for me. I’ll try again later.

Make sure there isn’t a space after phone99" "

tried again with no spaces, still not working. I will try again latter. Ty for trying to help out

Didn’t work for me either…

It works, try it again… I just triple checked it… 126 orders already came through. It may have overwhelmed the system.

It worked now.

Thanks Chris!

Thanks a lot, Chris!

Thanks dude!

It worked, thank you. I cap the p Phone99 and it went threw not sure if that was the issue or not. Thanks again!

Thanks a ton Chris! This is just what I was looking for seeing as how next
week I will start training my new part time office person!!

Thanks Chris, it is very much appreciated.

Thanks guys. Very nice!

Thanks WCR, another tool to add to the box. Much appreciated.

it went through, but it says: order pending…
Did I miss something at check-out?

I modified the phone script you posted last year and haven’t had to give an in-person estimate since!

Not to mention I’ve been enjoying a 100% closing rate so far this March… the script works!