FREE Giveaway....well sort of

So a year or two ago I won the Mr Longarm Solar Panel Cleaning Kit - which by the way I don’t see in the WCR store anymore…

Anyhow - here in MN there aren’t as many requests for solar panel cleaning as I thought there would be, and I want this kit to go to someone who can actually put it to use. Kit is new never used, the case is just a little dirty from being in the work van.

I think it retails for around $225 - $250 - google it.

So if you want this bad boy here’s all you have to do…

  1. Post one of the following links on your website and post proof in this thread.
  2. Pay the shipping charges from MN if you win it.

I will draw someone at random in a couple weeks…thanks.

[COLOR=#00008B][FONT=Verdana]<a href=“”>Window Cleaning Maple Grove, MN</a>


[/FONT][/COLOR][COLOR=#00008B][FONT=Verdana]<a href=“”>Window Cleaning Plymouth, MN</a>

[/FONT][/COLOR][FONT=Verdana]If anyone disapproves of this on WCR - feel free to pm me and I will delete. Thanks and good luck…[/FONT]

I was looking forward to winning that great van you drive. Darn Darn Darn :):):slight_smile:

Does facebook count? VS a webpage

I approve of this message…


if I don’t get a few entries and backlinks out of the deal here - I will just offer it up for sale.

I dont have a webpage yet

Well, the only other option for you is to have that link tattoo’d.:rolleyes:

I’ll give ya a link, but I don’t need the kit…this is another thank you for the cool rope grab you gave me…member? You member, member?

DONE. Your link is at the bottom (not the footer) of my home page.

Thanks Tory - I guess nobody wants to win…
I hope that rope grab came in handy for you and your guys.
Sometimes I feel like I can’t even give this stuff away!!!

So does that mean someone already won??lol