Free Leads ! New WCR Feature

Awesome. I hope I was the first to sign up!

You were. :cool:

Congrats Micah!

I hope I was the first to post that Chris and Alex WILL take over the world! on another WC’ing forum.

[COLOR=“brown”]You got something on your nose there, llackzo.[/COLOR]

I prefer the term “moderators’ pet” thank you.

just when I think I know everything that’s going on around here… kudos to Chris and Alex

We prefer to call it a “slight nose tan.” :eek:

Nariz Marron :smiley:

That’s the one, although I hardly reckon Larry is that sort of guy - he sounds like a free thinker to me, more likely to have his nose in an apple pie than the brown towel holder. In fact the only picture I ever saw of him was in some kind of eatery. I want to see him in “Misfit” mode ala Alex.

Back on topic - I reckon this lead generator is more for the American market - are you gonna stick an international section in?

It’s free and you’re already complaining.

It actually has the possibility to be semi global.

Karl let me ask you, do your potential clients speak English? I would guess being in Spain they wouldn’t? But im not sure you’ll have to let me know. The more people that sign up and link to it the better it will work and the more leads it will generate.

I already signed up for it. But I’d rather have English speaking clients - the pays usually better :stuck_out_tongue:
I remember signing up for one before & had all these leads to quote in different areas of USA. The funny thing was I couldn’t cancel it - so I started quoting in the 10s of thousands of dollars - well, I thought I’d get a holiday out of it. :slight_smile:

Lemonade from lemons!


We need more people to sign up for this. I’m hoping to launch it 100% by spring. The more service providers –> you. The better!

[SIZE=5]Sign up here[/SIZE]