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OK, So [U]I got a domain name and have hosting[/U]. Now I just need a site to throw up there in cyberspace. I am a total Noob to sitebuilding. I have full confidence in myself that once I begin to learn, I will be able to do just about any things I want to do.
BUT I want to have a decent functional site within 2 weeks.
I have played with YahooSiteBuilder and believe I could create a great site but am not sure about uploading it to the server I am using. I believe it may be as simple deleting a few lines in the .html code (that says this page is intended for yahoo sitebuilder and not other web browsers) but do not know for sure.

I am looking for some software that will allow me to build a basic site WITHOUT forcing me to buy a domain and host it on their own servers. Most that I have seen so far want you to buy domains and hosting through them.

So to be concise, my question is:
[I]What are some good website building applications for beginners that will not restrict where I can upload the finished design.[/I]

I use Microsoft Officelive. Pretty easy stuff to use. Here’s my site… not the best but pretty functional:

Are you sure I can use this on the servers currently hosting my site? It looks as if they want you to get hosting and everything from microsoft.

You need dreamweaver.

I have dreamweaver. I’ve spent several hours trying to figure it out. I’ve used photoshop for years, so I know adobe products somewhat.

Is there a good site that you can suggest that will help someone learn how to use dreamweaver? The tutorials I looked at on youtube were not much help.

On my site… I used yahoo sitebuilder. I designed what I would call the base, with all the pictures and some text, and set it as a picture on sitebuilder. I then used sitebuilder to add links and so forth. A backwards way of doign things… but it kinda works.

I’m pretty sure this what Kevin uses too (dreamweaver). You should be able to find info on this subject right on this site. (wcr)

Me I paid 360 bucks to have a webmaster design mine as I wanted it and when complete the site is mine free and clear. I can (and will) hire her to per maintain it at rate of $25 an hour. I think that is very cheap as I will not clean windows for that little $s per hour! At th same time I will be able to make and add my own pages with their own url for promotions, estimate, and invoices. Print shop 23 can be purchased at staples for about $25 and is pretty easy to use. And you can publish to the web! Thats what I use for now.

I too have tried the “free” web builders and found that it aint really free. Ie hosting/domains. I now pay $6 a month for my host and can have unlimited disk space/domains/emails. A much better deal in my book.

I have seen this site and it looks really cool and up on the latest technology in the website building world. I chatted online with someone from their company and found out that there was an issue with adding meta tags etc. Person online also told me that flash and search engines dont mesh very well. Their site is awesome with a lot of customer built sites you can check out.


Mr Micah

the best photo shop and dream wever tutorials are right on adobes… sight… they helped me much more than anything I found on you tube…

You might try Kompozer. Not nearly as powerful as Dreamweaver, but it’s free.

Check out my site, if you are looking for something simple but effective I will desgin it for you for the right price, I can even do some SEO for you. if you are interested contact me and we can talk details.

Whats the right price? Can you help with just seo?
For the right price of course.

I have just finished a free website for my window cleaning business. I used a it’s a forum but I am using it as a website advertising my business rather that a chat place. You can upload your own images and use it in conjunction with to get free stuff for it. All you need to do then is to buy a domain name which are no more than £5.00 or $10.00

Have a look it may give you some ideas

its for my business that’s based in the uk in Overstrand window cleaning.

Have you heard of yet. Their site is extremely user friendly. They are owned by Intuit now. My site is very plain so don’t use it to judge them. They offer a lot of options I didn’t bother with. I pay $50 a year.