Free Window Cleaning For Life!

Paneless. my friend. How are you?

“Catching peoples eye” is important, as long as it is relevant and useful. I assure you a solid offer will attract far more than a flimsy over the top hype ad. We could say just about anything to trip someone up-

[SIZE=“2”][COLOR=“Red”]How a Window Cleaner Stopped My Son From Eating Goat Turds[/COLOR][/SIZE]

It is meaningless, but interesting enough to stop anyone in their tracks. Chris has a lot at his disposal and does not need to do this far fetched desperate type of marketing. He somehow managed to build a million dollar company not using it.

I am all for creative, just not fluff.

[COLOR=Blue]I disagree with you somewhat on the starving kids angle. My thinking is if you want to donate money to help kids, just do it, but don’t trumpet how “caring” you are about others when you are making a profit off those same starving kids. Make a sacrifice, not a profit to help the needy.

I actually think this promo will work well. I am planning to use the concept to increase my customer survey response. By dropping off a survey after each job and then enticing every customer to send it in by making them eligible for free window cleaning for life.

If I were going to get my yard mowed and one company was having a contest to win free yard mowing for life, you better believe I’d go with them all else being equal.

PS- please don’t come back at me mad because I disagree with you, I still have a lot of respect for what you have to say. :slight_smile:

Mad? heck no. The starving kids example is an exaggerated example much like $25,000 worth of window cleaning (that would never get used)

I am not saying these little contests would not drive some business, they may. This type of contest is hard to take seriously, way harder to take with a crazy number like $25,000.

I assure you that if you put this “lifetime” ad against one of mine, you would be in for a awakening. Put it up against the typical business card type ad and sure. I give them something NOW… not a promise of 50 years of service. The hard part is us as the business owner trying to see this like a prospect. They will not read it the same as we do.

However, this is just my opinion. I have not tried it and I surely could be wrong.

My 2 cents.

As far as I can see it, this offer, as wonderful as it sounds, holds no true measurable value for a potential customer.

[]They don’t know you, they have no reason to trust you.
]It sounds too good to be true.
[]Your business may fold next year or next week, where does that leave them.
]‘LIFE’ is a long time to be connected with anyone besides loved ones.
Okay, maybe that last point wasn’t meant to be serious.

I think free offers have to be almost instant. Like a free add-on service for a limited time. People can easily understand and accept this kind of offer.

ie: [I]For the next 2 weeks get free screen cleaning with every int/ext window cleaning package[/I].


[I]This month only, pay the regular rate for exterior window cleaning, and pay only half for the interiors.[/I]

These offers would sound realistic to just about anybody. They may have already been thinking about their windows, these offers are enough to give them the push they need.

I’m still new to the business marketing game but I’m also a potential customer for many home services and I know the number one issue I have with other companies is a feeling of trust.

Hey Chris did you ever go about carrying out this promotion?

If so hows it going?

Wow I totally forgot about this Rob… So no I never did it… But now that I am reminded I still want to in the near future.

Ye i only stumbled upon it…i think it’s pretty cool idea.

Labour on your part should only cost you $50-$100 or so every year to carry out the $500 job…for the 50 years

Thats $2500-$5000 labour expense over 50 years

Surely your income generated from the promotion will far exceed the cost of providing the free service.

I think it would be a very good promotion…

providing you worded it carefully and so as to make it really appealing

[SIZE=“5”]i say every one loves a freebie[/SIZE]

Make sure it doesn’t turn out like this though…

almost 2 years later - any update?

I never got around to making it happen.

Pesky supply business got in the way huh?! :wink:

Good stuff this week.