FREE Worksheet: How to Force Your Brain To Be More Creative

You’re not that creative. Your ideas are kind of lame. You wish you had the creativity that those MenInKilts guys have, or that 5 Star Window Care has, or that Skybright Window Cleaning has. THOSE guys are creative, but not you. Right? Wrong. The truth is, you are creative. I know this, because you’re human. When you were little, no one had to […]


Ok Kevin, once I get home in a few days, I’ll give that worksheet a shot;)

Good, Nate.

It seems like a silly exercise, until you do it. It’s a great way to stimulate a fresh approach.

Thanks for yet another pep talk, Kevin!

Pleasure, Larry.

Hey - how did you do with this one in Beverly Hills? I remember Phil speaking up right beside you, but not yourself for some reason.

I just bought lovemarks off of eBay… Looks interesting, like my kind of read. Which is pretty much everything I can get my hands on.

It’s pretty awesome, good call.

Here are a bunch more that I thoroughly recommend, if you’re looking for some more inspiration.