Freezer Doors / Cooler

I work at a Cash & Carry where the cooler is approximately 40 degrees, and the freezer is below zero. The cooler has 3 departments: produce, deli, dairy. These all have about 3 or 4 windows. The freezer has 25 doors running across the back of the store. When I open the freezer doors they fog up. How do I clean these windows (doors) when they fog up, and then how do I clean the cooler windows even though it is 40 degrees inside.

Once, the manager asked me to clean them and I sprayed windex on them and it started streaking because I thought it was cold. I actually have a pressure washing business, and I am trying to clean the windows in the store as well as pressure wash the outside of the store. Any thoughts?

Try adding methyl hydrate (a type of alcohol, get it from Home Depot) to your mix. (don’t use windex)

Cold Water + Professional Window Cleaning soap/dish soap + Methyl Hydrate = no freeze and good clean. You’ll have to experiment with the amount of alcohol.

You have good inititave to think about window cleaning and it looks like from time to time you do window cleaning. From your post it seems like you have a pressure washing business on the side, but full time you work as an employee of a cash and carry store? I would say, learn more about how to do window cleaning. There are some good videos and website where you can learn. You can buy supplies here, and you can practice the technique on the store. When you get good at window cleaning, perhaps you can try to add window cleaning to your fledgling pressure washing business.

Keep learning.

If you can’t find the Methyl hydrate (in the US we call it Methanol or Methyl alcohol) you can use a little windshield washer fluid (as suggested play w/ the amount) in your water w/ a professional window soap.

I too do some cooler doors (THEY SUCK) and use the antifreeze windsheild cleaner found at wally world.

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the doors will always fog up a little. once you close the doors the temperature of the glass will balance out and the fog will dissipate.

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