French doors/panels

Got a house and guest house with 35 French doors. Fifteen panes (mullets?) per door. Inside and out. What do you guys typically charge per door?

Did someone say mullet?


I’m at $13 per door panel in & out for 15 panes. But I go beast mode on these things…

”muntins” are the dividers between panes. Typically used to describe removable grids.

“Mullions” are the vertical supports between adjacent windows.

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Thank you for the pricing information. The video was in credibly helpful as well. As was helping me improve my window cleaning vocabulary! I appreciate you taking the time…

$1 per pane one side and scrub the frame around each as they seem to be dirt magnets. $15 per door one side. Often times the dividers are not true dividers but a plastic grid laid over the whole sheet of glass so water drips down under each. In that case Sprayway each pane. Still $1 ea.

@Garry, are you saying 30 for in out then? I’m at 22.50.

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Thanks! I appreciate you taking time to respond.

I think we get about $15 each on those.

Here’s a tip: for what we call ‘fake’ muntins where it’s really just one sheet of glass, use canned air to blast the water out as you work your way down.

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Yes, I offer detail service. No basic, standard, or premium.

Thanks. The can air idea is great. I have been leaving those type, and coming back to catch the drips later… I appreciate it

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Good to know. I detail the edges where needed, and sometimes that frame. Thanks for answering my question!

I’m at $15-$18 generally

Thank you!