French prices versus regular double hung

Just wondering how much more people charge per window price when there are grids on outside of glass instead of in between panes. This is the house I am quoting and there are 30 windows which i take as 30 inside cleaning 30 outside cleaning. I am not dividing by panes of glass. All glass is french which is a PIA.

This would be a good WFP job. I’d charge $15 per DH unit in and out on this amount of panes per window.

Tony, so you’d be at $30.00 a window in and out? Am I understanding you right? I totally underbid a french job recently, it was horrible, the customer even felt bad for me:o, but gotta learn fom my mistakes, even after 10 years…

Not $15 per side but $15 for both. That’s about 50% more per window than a standard DH for us. On the outs the wfp would speed things up and I’d make a better per hour than usual.

I price windows (each piece of glass framed on all sides) as $7 in/out. So double hung windows are usually $14 in/out. And french panes I price at $1 per french. so most french panes have 15 panes of glass, therefore I would price at $15. So double hung often would be priced at the same price at the same as a double hung.

50 cents per pane per side.

A 1.00 per square works well for our bids,and we always end up making good money.

That wouldn’t work in my area. Being in a colder climate many older houses have storm windows. These of course take longer to clean and disassemble. Some smaller houses have tons of storms. So sometimes they are priced as much or more as a new large house. so it wouldn’t work here.

I hate Frenchies. I used to charge 0.50 per pane per side, then 1.00 per pane per side, then 2.00 per pane per side, but i think im gonna go even higher. since i keep getting jobs that have never had a good cleaning before and therefore needing pain, debris, etc scraped off the windows. I even cleaned windows this summer on a 102 yr old cottage with mostly original glass…what a nightmare… if im gonna spend a half hour per window, i better get good money for it. in my opinion you can never charge too much for cleaning french windows.