Fresh Meat!

Good morning folks, I’ve been around the forums off and on as some of you may recognize me since 2016 or so. I’ve had a rough run of it with complications from a hernia surgery back in 2010. Since those problems have surfaced in like 2019, I’ve had 3 surgeries to get fixed up. Now I’m back in the game. I tried, but just can’t wear a shirt with someone else’s name. Part of getting back was building my website. I’d like to invite some of the old hand window cleaners, and new guys, to just review my site and give feedback if you would (I’m aware the whole thing needs pictures but I don’t want to use stock images). Thanks in advance.

Dam bro , sorry to hear about that the set back. I had double Hernia surgery about 5 years ago. What was your complications?
Can’t help with the website nit my thing. Hope you get what your looking for.

Mesh got infected… Several more surgeries to correct the hernias from incisions after that.

Hi Will

I’m happy to see you’re getting back in the game. This is my first season so I’ve been researching what makes a good window cleaning website. I’ve even been looking at sites in your area today.

Here are my observations that I’ve gathered from other people’s sites recently that I think yours could benefit from.


  1. Have a hero image at the top. Don’t put text on it unless you can make that text extremely clear.

  2. Put your logo on your site. At the moment I don’t see it.

  3. Use 5 colors. White, black, variations of shades of grey, color 1 and color 2. Color 1 and 2 are your CTA (call to action) and brand accent colors. This could be blue and green or blue and yellow.

  4. On mobile put 2px margin on your left and right H1 tag. That way the text isn’t so crampped.

  5. For some reason you have a background blue everywhere on the site. For each section on your home page there should be a different background color.

  6. You need to have a different background color for your nav bar. Its too difficult to read.

  7. Clean up your nav bar. There’s too much text in the buttons. Just have: Home, Services, Estimators, Contact Me, About. That’s plenty for now.


  1. Link to your Google my business.

  2. The H1 on your home page should have ‘Will the window cleaner’ in it. To help your rank for your own name put: “I’m Will the window guy the premier window cleaner in the Phoeinx area”. Google will LOVE that H1.

  3. It’s great that you have separate pages for residential and commercial window cleaning. Google likes to see that you have multiple services. It would also be okay if in the nav bar you had a drop down that said ‘services’ and then it listed residential, commercial, storefront.

  4. You need to have a footer with your business information on it. Hours of operation, service area, site navigation, logo etc.

  5. Mention other commercial customers you’ve worked with.


I have so much more to say but this should get you started.

Happy cleaning Will!

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Thank you for your input. I started building this last week on my own. I was after functionality first and I put that blue all over everything cuz blue. IDK. I tried that drop down nav bar thing but couldn’t find a plug in that fit my budget and ChatGpt was useless there.

That’s fine you don’t need a plugin to make a drop down. From your wordpress dashboard go to Appearance > Menus

Then you’ll see your main menu. Check the two pages you want to manipulate (in this case I checked resi and commercial.

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Then click the add to menu button. That’ll add the two pages to your main nav bar menu. Then you just drag and drop the pages underneath the link that you want.

Then press save menu at the bottom and your nav bar is all cleaned up!

I would put resi and commercial under services. I have start here on the site that I was using to demonstrate.

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Thanks for taking time type that up, but menus doesn’t even come up under appearance in the 2024 theme. I’ve been out in the sun in AZ all day either cleaning or looking for more to clean. I just can’t right now.