Friendship (Buddy) Request Approvals

I hate being outsmarted by software. How do I successfully approve selected friend requests. I have been checking the boxes and clicking the Save Changes button, but nada (I think, because the prior approvals are still there unchecked.)

uummm. I just got one from Karl. It took me a second to figure it out.

In the avatar of the person who sent you the request is a little tinny itty bitty white square. Check that and click “save changes”

That should do it.

That is what I have done.

The changes do not save; I receive an error message regarding page script:

Trying going to that person’s public profile and clicking on “befriend [name]”

Like myspace without the stalkers.

That might work, Steve, but shouldn’t it work as intended (from the request?)

Maybe I’ll reboot and try again…or put another pin into my Sörbo Samuelsson voodoo doll.

I think that may be it Larry… I hate not having an answer for you…I have been trying to learn the features sense the upgrade as quickly as I can…

On top of that there are still many active glitches that I need to tweak and adjust. Keep sending across any errors you get…

Not to make you paranoid, but maybe the forum won’t let you have friends. Look on your profile does it say “Larry has no friends” or something similar? It could be time for a paradigm shift…


I’ve just heaped on the pain & sent a friend request to you Larry.
Steve’s right - your profile says “Larry hasn’t made a friends yet”. Mmmm.

I have four requests pending. I check all boxes and still receive a script error.

How about some enemy requests? Anybody?

When you go into admin cp do you see them hangin at the top of the que?

If you wanna shot me your password by email I can log in for you and see if I can fix it.

Same issue – I have three requests pending, but cannot approve from usercp (manage friend requests / check all boxes / save changes.)

In addition, when trying to add those contact/usernames and save changes (same page but upper section), I receive a message that states that I do not have permission…

I’ll send Chris my password via email.

Please sign the Friendship Request Approval Petition!

Anyone I know?

You have to raise your hand first.

Oops – I used a foot.