Frosted Windows with Drywall Compound

Hey, y’all,

I am bidding a home for a CCU and have several of these frosted windows on the inside of the bathroom. One is 5’ x 5’.
I am wondering the best way to clean these (obviously no scraper). One restore?

Second photo is just a normal window. Most are in this condition but some are much worse, would you consider this a lighter CCU?

Thanks in advance. This is my first CCU. I’ve uploaded 2 pictures.

If its just joint compound it will be water soluble. Just get it wet and wipe it off.

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Looks like standard CCU. Those dimpled frosted windows can be a p.i.t.a…No need for One Restore, that’s specifically for hard water stains. Get a good stiff nylon brush for that bathroom glass and then wipe down with cloths. Can’t squeegee those dimples.


Here try this.


Thank you for the response!

I appreciate it, sir!