Fruitless search regarding pella blind inside windows

I dont know how many of you do these on a regular basis but I got a job to clean some of the pella windows with the blinds inside.
She just got them installed and the installers just put em in and left so, thats where we come in : }
Only problem is…
I never seen these before…lol
I bid the job high adding in some time to take them apart and clean each of the 4 panes on a single window but these have some sort of slide lock that holds them together rather than the little hinge that swings out like most of the older pella’s had.
I went through pella’s site and dont even see these listed other than the
"three panes of insulating glass with a Low-E coating to maximize energy efficiency"
They dont have any info on how these latch/unlatch so you can open em up.
Any tips on the new pella’s with tripple pane blind inside cleaning?

Search turned up info on the older pella’s with the hinge lock but nothing with a slide lock

Keep sliding the locks until it opens

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Like Larry said. I have doneafew of these and they ade really easy once you getthehang of it. I spray the insides with Sprayway, wipeup as much excess as I can let it sitforaminute and then close them up.

There are slides on 3 sides. The 4th side is where the hinge is. You slide the slides until it gets tight. This is where the latch is. Continue to add pressure until the slide passes the latch. Usually 2 per side unless it is a door then you will find 3 on the long side. If they were painted or stained post factory it may a bigger pain to get them seperated. When you are done move the slides out of the way from the latches then close and press until you here the latches catch.

Whew, thanks guys!
I was a little worried but that’s why I came here first!

Be careful when opening these. They have a string at the top to keep it from opening too far but if the string is not in place the window pane can just fall off the hinge. Also they typically have a low e coating on the inside of the outer pane and It’s really easy to damage that coating by scratching it. Good luck.

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Thanks for the info guys, I did the job today and it went fine!
Just like ya said and once I opened the first one and got a look at how it worked they went pretty quick.

I charge them like storm windows.

Buy a quick release suction cup and affix it to the inside when removing them, makes it much easier to separate them when the seals stick to each other.

Another tip: Most of these windows are casements, at least in my experience. Cracking them open a bit often makes it easier to take them apart.

Also… NEVER use wool / razors / anything abrasive on the interior panes