Fugu Vs. Porcupine, Super Slip Vs. Hi Slide

Have you used each of these?

How are they different products from one another, or are they?

  1. Ettore Porcupine Sleeve Vs. Moerman Fugu Sleeve

  2. Winsol Super Slip Vs. Cliche Chemicals Hi Slide

They’re chemically the same product from what I’ve been told. I’ve used both and noticed no difference in performance.

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On a scale of 1-10:

I’d say the Porcupine scrubs at a 10 for a mop, I use it for paint removals. But when it comes to holding water, its about a 4

The FUGU is probably at a 6.5-7 for scrubbing. Not as good but its much better at holding water. Probably a 6-7 as well

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