Full color imagery advertisement

What do focus more on, the imagery and over all look of your ads, or is this over-rated?

Is it truly the words on the advertisement that lures the potential consumer in or is it the eye-catching color or image that compels a prospect to pick up the phone?

A well placed picture may help encourage them to read your ad. A well written ad will make them pick up the phone.

I’d say the copy is the most important.

Pictures and imagery become the most important to those who have a hard time with writing.

Pictures and/or imagery attract only, they do not sell. People are not buying the ad or our design services. Unless there is a really powerful photo it is just eye candy.

So far my best ad ever was b/w on colored paper. I did the same ad in full color and got half the response (which was still good). I am doing full color and b/w these days.

Full color is great as long as we do not get hung up on the look or go too far. What we say to them once we have their attention is the key.