Full service v's outside only

I have just started a full service business

An initial clean includes: sills, frames, glass and screens removed and washed

Our average window size is 59" x 71" and we charge AUD$14.50 (that might be around $12-13 USD)

Now I have had a couple of people recently ask me for a price on doing a regular freshen up maybe every 2nd month

To clean just the outside you have to go in the house and pull out the slider as all Queensland homes have screens or grills over the slider

So it still takes a reasonable amount of time to do them as the average home I do has around 12-15 windows and 1-2 sliding doors

Here is my thought on the matter I allow $2 for the screen and just divide the $12.50 in half = AUD$6.25 ($5 USD)

My question is how would you work out the price for a regular clean of say just the out side of the glass?


Our outside only price is 2/3 of inside/outside price.

I’m at the 60 - 70% of the total as well.

Oh ok thanks guys

I was charging $6 for outside only while my in n out was $10. I have sinse rasied my prices where now $12 per window and $7 for outside only. The issue is like you stated. You still have to go inside. I dont mind at all. But it is a bitch. For a repeat service every other month I would go down as low as $5 or even $4 per window depending on things. If the customer was willing to remove the screens the day before I show up I would go $4. I would also sell them on the fact if they went this route they would not have to be home during the cleaning and thus would not have to take a day or 1/2 day off work every 2 months.

I too, price outside only at 60 - 75% of full job…It cost money to staff and equip a truck to get to their door…whether I clean 10 windows or 50…it is still a trip.

I do have some really good customers that I do quarterly and have referred many of their friends and neighbors to me…I will make special deals…and throw in a few freebies