Funny Window Cleaning Inncident


So my business partner and I are out trying to advertise our business got our postcard flyers ready to go and started knocking on doors. After walking up giant driveways to find out half the people don’t even use their mail box on their home, they use the communal one located on the street. We decided hey we should plaster our ad’s all over these post boxes so we started putting 2-3 ad’s plus 4-5 business cards per communial box. We thought it was a pretty smart idea, these guys will cheak their mail daily and everytime they walk up they will see it, almost 35 ppl per box. So we started plastering the city with these flyers on boxes, we went through two rolls of tape. next day im sleeping in, and my phone rings… (thank god for caller id)… CANADA POST CALLING!!!, totally didn’t think they would be ****ed about it!, so completely dodged the call and just laughed about it…lol hopefully it doesn’t get me in crap… (imma just say i let the neighbourhood kids did it…you tell em to hand em out, and they go plastering them on mailboxes!!LOL)


Residential Hilariousness:

So my business partner and I got in good with this local contractor and he makes some pretty unreal houses most are 2 million plus. So we had already done 3-4 houses for him, he liked our work, so he asked us to come do his house. Beatiful home by the way, so we get to work finised the inside of the master bedroom and went out side to work on the patio, so im squeegeeing away on the right pane of the sliding door, my partner steps outside with me and starts ripping through the left window then moves over the sliding door, pulls it over to the left and click…thing is locked shut, two grown men stuck on a mini patio on what was realivtly new customer!, so were stuck, the thing locks with a freaking key! (Pella) So now were just crying laughing, how did we pull this off? were stuck… no ones home, his wife is out, hes at a meeting and are two dumb ass’s are stuck on his patio. So I end up calling him and im crying on the phone, the contractor just laughed, he thought it was halarious ( he really likes me were kinda like friends now) but he thought he shoulda warned us but he thought it was too funny. So finnally his wife drives up the moutain and bails us out. Now we always leave a saftey crack on all patio jobs!


I have had run ins with the postmaster on 2 occasions. In the USA, The mailboxes are property of the postal service and fines are something like $50.00 per mailbox if they want to persue it. Identity theft is big too. Opening someones mailbox and possibly viewing their information could land you as a suspect in identity theft if they have an issue down the road. Plastering fliers on mailboxes is probably “no harm” done. The postal service gets mad mainly because they arent making any $$ off of the deal.

Those darn Kids! Two great stories, thanks for sharing!

Joie N. CA

That’s funny!
When I first started cleaning windows I did the same thing once, only one of the windows was cracked open so I was able to crawl back in.

The only funny thing I recall happening to me when cleaning windows is this one time I walked into the bedroom of one of the teenagers. He and his brother were doing bong loads, with mom downstairs completely clueless. They’re like “please don’t tell our mom!”

He and his brother were doing bong loads, with mom downstairs completely clueless. They’re like “please don’t tell our mom!”[/QUOTE]

That’s funny…:slight_smile: Ones I was working inside and walked to the huge closet and there were about 20 plants. Beautiful smell though.
Funny, because the guy was a lawyer…

Hey mateo, where in san diego do you mostly work? I’m North County, 80% of my customers are in san marcos, and carlsbad.

hey Doug,
I live in Rancho Bernardo and I would say 30% of my work is North from me and 70% is south. All residential though.
Nice to meet you …:slight_smile:

Man, I have some funny stories. Not one of them were funny at the time… actually some were quite gross.

I am prone to be in some very odd situations… far too many :frowning:

Gay porn?:smiley:


I got a story actually that I totally forgot about

I forgot for a reason :mad:

You remembered for a reason, too. :smiley:

In my 12 + yrs of window cleaning. It amazes me how ppl forget that the window cleaner is coming that day. The funniest thing that ever happened to me. I was doing the windows on this house is an upscale neighborhood. I had serviced this customer for yrs. Both their business and home. Anyway I am upstairs cleaning there windows in the master bedroom and to my surprise. I Am cleaning the windows in there closet and I notice that Part of the closet started to open up At that time the wife walks out of this “special room” they had built into there closet. I got a full view of what was in there. OMG I about busted out laughing as I saw the look on her face. She started stammering and fumbling her words. I just looked at her and said " I didnt see a thing".

I still do the windows for this couple. And I always get a Christmas gift card from them.

Finding good customers: Hard Work
Keeping good Customers: Harder Work
Finding your customers “secret sex room” : Priceless

P.S They dont let me do the inside windows in the bedroom anymore LOL :smiley:

P.S They dont let me do the inside windows in the bedroom anymore LOL :smiley:

lmao. that’s hilarious… how big of a house was it?

I Do this Quarterly $ 350 per time. All Crank out windows. No Pellas thank god.

I do their Business every 2 weeks. $ 50 a pop. :wink: